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Rockets selected Yao Ming than permanent renewal of Bo will do a replacement or a giant comeback

U.S. media published an article nfl jerseys cheap entitled "Rockets trade rumors: Bismarck - Billon Bo replace Yao Ming," The following is the text translation: In the coming year's NBA draft night, the Rockets holding more than one bargaining chip, but it also has more than this year and next year's draft picks. Rockets Yao Ming as the former All-Star center, he may not continue after the expiration of their contracts remain in effect Rockets. Yao Ming time in the past few seasons plagued by injuries were sustained, including the 2010-11 season and before half the season due to injury all season. Now, the authority of the United States draft site "Draft Express" issue micro-Bo said, the Rockets are interested in using their first 14 picks and 23 overall draft pick package, and Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for this year's 10th overall selection Show sign.

Although the selection of Ennei Si - Canter or Yunus - Kovalam repair NASDAQ Rockets general manager Daryl will be - in this year's NBA draft houston astros jersey Morey dream center candidate, but the two players are likely to wait until the 10th overall draft pick when the other team has been picked to go. In addition, the Rockets may be targeted in this year's NBA draft, the other a post player is from Congo, Bismarck - Billon Bo, Bo recently than the more sought-after forever, he seemed suddenly to enter every team radar range. Bismarck - Billon Bo is so recent fire, mainly because of his defense and rebounding ability to the NBA scouts scraping widely praised, and if he can land the NBA after the reinforcement yourself shooting and low offensive and defensive capabilities , he will become a worthy NBA team the post player to do long-term investment.

Interesting point is that in the NBA after long-term ability to campaign is a lot of NBA experts say there are inadequacies Yao Ming, Yao Ming had just landed when the NBA had a lot of NBA experts predict this point, those experts say, Although Yao Ming has a good feeling to score, but his lack of fitness to be a tough rebounder and excellent defender. In addition to white carolina panthers jersey the Rockets for the Bismarck - Bo is very interested in other than John, holding the 11th pick in the draft and the hand sign of the Warriors 13th overall draft pick of the Suns are on the Bismarck - Billon Bo is very interested in This makes the Rockets must find ways to move up draft picks, beyond the Warriors and Suns, so they may choose to have the Bismarck - Billon Bo. If the Rockets can trade draft picks by selecting up to Bismarck - Billon Bo, or they keep their No. 14 overall draft pick and other Bismarck - Bo can never dropped more than 14 overall pick them , it is possible to end the Rockets Yao Ming of the contract, because if we can choose to battle a force that is the center position relatively strong Titans defense, the Rockets center position of the bottleneck can get some relief, that the Rockets continued about Yao Ming can give him more time to recuperate, so Yao Ming a full recovery, he might be able to come back in the Rockets center position on the bench.

Yao is the Rockets in the 2002 NBA Draft pick to sign on to champion the draft pick in the NBA before landing, Yao already has a high popularity in China, landing the NBA, he will also be fans of his popularity in China brought to the Rockets, brought to the NBA, Yao Ming, the Rockets have effect during the eight-time All-Star team. Although the success of individual honor, but the Rockets light blue carolina panthers jersey Yao Ming, so its effect more than just a breakthrough season in the first round of the playoffs. It is composed by kusuminfljerseyhotcom 06.23.2011

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